"There are no limits when it comes to creativity

We offer a unique audition process to source you with the best talent available in the country, from all type of Latin dance forms and music styles.

We have an international outlook. Our bases in Rio & Havana and our continuing involvement with the greatest artists in Brazil & Cuba ensures Oi Brasil’s authenticity and provides the most up to date performances & greatest artists from these countries.

We've worked with clients across the UK, Europe, USA and UA and we've helped advertising companies to create some fantastic work from simple design projects,  photography, digital content through to bespoke advertising campaigns. 


We offer a personalised service that’s strategic, creative, agile and responsive to your needs; there's no need to wait, we react.


Besides performers, our experience in West End Theatre allows us to have a team of London based co-workers, and we can offer specialists teams for each project, anything from choreography and casting services, filming, music recording, stage, light & sound design to wardrobe services.


We also have a very competitive"all-stars" In-House Creative team in Havana with all the producers and agency needs' on hand in the heart of Cuba. The best creative minds the island has to offer at your service.


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  • Pre-selection-Casting Services

  • Choreography Services

  • Music Composing & Recording

  • Specialist Costume Design 

  • Wardrobe Services

  • Lighting Design
  • Sound Design 

  • Filming & Editing Services

WHAT can we do?


★ Latin Commercial 

★ Brazilian Dances

★ Cuban Contemporary 

★ Afro-Cuban Folklore

★ Afro- Brazilian Folklore

★ Salsa - Mambo, Chachacha...

★ Latin Ballroom

★ Tango


★ Latin American Performers

★ Cuban Musicians

★ Brazilian Musicians

★Samba Drummers 

★Ballroom Dancers

★ Carnival Theme Circus Acts


★ Bossa Nova

★ Brazilian or Cuban Jazz

★ Salsa & Cuban Rythms

★ Brazilian Rythms

★ Samba

★ Urban Latin 

★ Reaggueton


★ Cuba's top designer & seamstress

★ Top Brazilian Carnival Atelier

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