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Time to Celebrate Life!

Check out this video dedicated to all our fellow artists and event & hospitality professionals affected by Covid-19, on such a remarkable day for the events industry.

"You have to make so many sacrifices to live from your own art, in a city like London."I come from the "favelas" of Rio de Janeiro, over there, opportunities don't come to you, I had to create every single one of them to become the Dance Company we are today.

So it does not matter how many times we have deal with lock downs, at Oi Brasil we are not willing to give up ... and neither should you!

We are very resilient and will continue to do what we love because nothing makes us happier than sharing our culture, passion and our spirit of life with the world."

Antonio de Freitas - Oi Brasil's Founder, Musical Director and Tambourines Juggler

The carnival performers represent a culture originated by slaves, banned for years. It is a culture that has overcome many struggles over generations and Samba has always been a way of staying happy and united as a community, even in the worst moments, so I guess Oi Brasil has inherited that resilience. That is why we are so grateful for all the benefits that dance and music have brought to our lives, and we can't wait to share it with you...without restrictions but responsibly".

Esther Alvero - Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Oi Brasil

Have you got a Party or Celebration coming up?

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