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It is an immense honour for us to be in another unforgettable trips and we would especially like to thank you all and Holland America for inviting us onboard once more and giving us the opportunity to share some of our Brazilian culture with you. 

Oi Brasil has had the pleasure of working with many famous people over the years, such as Prince Charles, now King Charles, Bill Clinton amongst many others celebrities, and was also responsible for providing all the latin entertainment for the last James Bond film. But one of the longest and most valued relationships that Oi Brasil has is with our dear friends at Holland America, almost 10 years bringing Brazilian's spirit of life to such wonderful guests as yourselves. 


For us to be able to share this culture with you is incredible important. Life in Brazil can be really tough, poverty and crime are huge issues here, and it is often cultural opportunities like this that make the difference. Music and dance were life changing for some of our Oi Brasil members: Antonio, our drummer, had to sell sweets as a kid on the streets to earn money for his family. Gustavo was a shoe shine boy in the city when he was young so was our Capoeira Dayvid who used to sell Oyster at the beach. For the majority of our performers, it was the power of music and dance and in particular "Samba", that gave us the chance of a better life though social projects and the great work of the samba schools. For that reason a percentage of our profits goes back to the community where everything started.


Plus all profits from our T-shirts sold onboard is used towards The Manana Project"

For us to be able to come onboard and bring you activities and shows like this really can be transformative to our lives and those of many others, so we thank you for that. 

So we are very honoured and we feel privileged to have been on board with you and we really hope our path come across again, who is joining us to the next one? 

As many of you requested, we are sharing here a link to our photos, videos, below. We will be will be adding more so please keek in touch and ad your details to the contact form below if you want to receive more info, including a link for our talks, photos and a video highlights of the show at the World Stage, a Spotify link with the music we like to teach and some recorded classes so you can keep learning and dancing:

Disclaimer: Please note for your privacy this is private link that has only been shared among the guests and crew, please thoughtful of others and do not post on social media without authorisation

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